We started movement in 2005 with mission to preserve(Sikh Religious Hyms), making it into a digital format (.mp3), and then distributing it via website. Puraatan (old) style keertan, is rapidly disappearing in this world. Such recordings of Gurmat Sangeet are so rare, that they are a living form of history, and must be collected and preserved as soon as possible.

A philosophy that we follow on this site, is to distribute all styles of Kirtan (Sikh music), Katha (discourse/lectures), and various forms of audio and video, and simply promote the principle of Keertan, irrespective of the Raagi Jatha (group of musical performers), Jathabandi (Sikh organization), or Raag vs. Non-Raag, so that Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike can value its importance largely. We believe this is a crucial step in this kind of seva to further preserve keertan as a whole, and not exclude a particular form of keertan.

In conclusion, as we begin to expand this site, all forms of Sikh audio, video, and literature are important to us. Those items that are old, and therefore rare, are especially important to us. Our mission is to provide as much downloadable material to the world as possible, using cutting edge tools and technology that are available to our disposal.

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